I am Arthur Francis. My Friends call me Arthur or some people call me “Tilik.” “Tilik” in Java’s language means a dog. I not bite, but I love dogs!

Today, I am working as Customer Service Manager in PT Brothersindo. My previous job is Client Relationship Manager in PT ARC Technology and Florist Manager in Holland American Line. From 2013 until 2017, actively contribute as a journalist in Hidup Magazine and interviewer for Litbang Kompas. In 2016, I was work in International Organization for Migration in community policing project.


I am graduated in Driyarkara School of Philosophy as Master of Philosophy degree in 2016. I like journalism and active on the student executive board. I love environment and adventure activity. I also love reading philosophy, psychology, politics, history, economy and sociology issue.


My world not only in the books but I am trying to apply what I read in the daily life. I love traveling and learn new things. I like to be criticized and learn experiences of others. I am consistent with my assigned task.

During my work in cruise line ship as florist manager, I visited more than two hundred cities in the world. I love visiting villages or traditional market rather than a big and modern city. I love to meet people and talk about any issues.

This is my story about the world, adventure, friendship, and kindness.

Tempat Wisata di Hawaii


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